Without limiting judges' discretion in any way, we anticipate one winner in each category, and a small number of "shortlist" runners-up of equal placing.

Achievement in Use of Music relates to:
a) use of lyrics; and
b) use of audio elements.
Given the expected standard of entries, we're looking for nuanced lyric matches and audio/visual syncing.

Achievement in Innovation relates to a wide range of vidder input. This can include mainly visual elements such as effects work and external footage. These elements will be judged on their overall coherence and appropriateness to the vid. This category can also relate to innovation in storytelling, whether it be an interesting narrative structure or commentary that the vid makes beyond its immediate source context.

Achievement in Mood relates to a number of genres, including but not restricted to humor, tragedy, dance or trance vids, and action. For this category, we're looking for vids that skillfully weave an immersive and cohesive atmosphere to make a vid an "experience," whether that's through a hypnotic flow, a building of tension, an adrenaline rush, or the subverting of music and audience expectations for comedy.

Achievement in Vidding is the top overall award. Judging will be focused on:
a) whether the core idea is sound; and
b) whether it is soundly executed through technical editing and narrative structure.
Essentially, we're looking for what - in our opinion - is the most outstanding vid that really says something and says it extremely well. We will not specifically penalise a vid for not having a complex narrative. Our decisions will be made in the overall context of each individual vid and its subject matter.

Honorary Awards
In recognition that not everyone likes to submit to vidding awards, the judges will also award two honorary awards to vids that may not have been submitted to the site. Each judge will have one award to give away; there is no restriction as to which vids we give these awards to, other than the fact that it must have premiered in 2011.