1. All vids are accepted, including but not limited to live action, AMVs, trailers, video game vids, actor appreciation vids and vids using original and/or external video footage.

However, judges' decisions will involve thematic analysis. Please take this into consideration when selecting your submission, and note that judges' knowledge of the source is likely to play into our decisions. If we don't know your source, then we may not be able to access your vid's narrative and themes on a significant level. On a less important technical note, we might not be able to tell what was inherently in source and what was vidder input.

For a list of fandoms that the judges are familiar with, please check the section on judging.

2. The video you enter must be your own, and must have premiered during 2011. "Premiere" means when the vid was first released for public download online, or when it was first shown at a convention/vidshow/other public event, whichever is the earlier.

For vids that premiered anonymously (e.g. festivids), "premiere" means the date on which the vidder was revealed, not the date on which the vid was originally posted anonymously.

The general rule for reduxed/remastered vids is that it must have significantly changed from the original in terms of clip choice and execution; judges will exercise their discretion in determining a vid's eligibility under these circumstances.

3. A vidder may enter one video only for each annual round. Collaborations are permitted, however none of the vidders involved in the collaborations can enter another video for the round.

4. We accept explicit language and content. For the sake of any viewers out there who are sensitive to such material, we would appreciate a brief warning in the vid description.

5. We accept streaming vids as well as downloadable vids. If you wish to submit a streaming link, we would appreciate a download link as well, but it's not compulsory.

Please note that if you submit only a streaming link and win an award, there is a chance that we won't be able to make an animated award graphic using your vid. If this is the case, your award will contain generic source images only.

6. If you submit a download link, we accept the following file types, zipped or unzipped: .avi (any codec), .wmv, .rm (including any associated Real Media file types), .mpg, .mov, .divx, .mp4/.m4v. If you wish to enter another file type, please check with us first.

7. If you submit a download link, please keep file sizes to 100MB or less. We will exercise a degree of leniency with this rule, but we will not accept any entry that is significantly over the size limit. Smaller resolutions/lower bitrates will not affect our judging.

8. If you have your own site, we would appreciate a link back, although it is not compulsory.

9. If we discover clip theft, the vid will be disqualified and the reason publicised. In cases of doubt, we do not wish to offend, but as a matter of policy we will ask the vidder for written confirmation that s/he has used footage that has not been sourced from someone else's vid.

10. We will accept a link to accompanying vidder notes or audio commentary if you deem it appropriate. However, please note that we will take narrative transparency into account; if your vid doesn't make sense unless you elaborate heavily on it elsewhere, it probably will not score highly in respect of an effective narrative.